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Friday, February 11, 2011

the Dark Demon Drug alcohol

  • IT more haemful than illegal drugs like heroin  and crack is addictive,mind -altering and is medically linked to over 60 diseases ,yet it's a legal brew enjoyed by many: Alcohol .Youths and drinkers see it as a pleasurable drink equeted with happy hours.but this "happy juice "is poisonous ,put enough of it into you body and you die.

ALCOHOL is a major couse of early death and disability  everywhere  it's sold .it a direct and cause of numerous debiliting diseases.And it's responsible  for a major crisis in  society today ___domestic violence ,drunk -driving road accidents ,intoxication -induced injuries suicide,etc 

Across the globel ,millions have died ,and just as many have suffered ,from its use and abuse.According to the WHO,alcohol is estimented  to couse about 20-30% worldwide of oesophogeal cancer .liver cancer ,cirrhosis of the liver ,homicide ,epilepsy and motor vehicle accident 

Unintentional injuries caused by alcohol consumption accout for about one -third of the 2.3 million death .while neuro -psychatric conditions accuant for close to 40% of the 69.4 million DALYs

That 's a staggering toll from a drink often equited by youths with happy hours.
  And there's a darker side to this demon  drink :It's now desribed by medical experts as a drug ,more deadly than cocaine and heroin,

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

anak buahku

ini lha anak buah ku,,,,,,nama dia nuryanisyah,,,comel baget nie budak tau,,,,hihi
anak pertama akak aku luh!hihi bab i2 di syg oleh my fmly,,,,,,,mlas nak trngkan byk2xx luh,,,,,,bkin pnat ja,,,,hihihi klu nak tau lbih byk tya ini orng lha,,,hahhaha