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Friday, February 11, 2011

the Dark Demon Drug alcohol

  • IT more haemful than illegal drugs like heroin  and crack is addictive,mind -altering and is medically linked to over 60 diseases ,yet it's a legal brew enjoyed by many: Alcohol .Youths and drinkers see it as a pleasurable drink equeted with happy hours.but this "happy juice "is poisonous ,put enough of it into you body and you die.

ALCOHOL is a major couse of early death and disability  everywhere  it's sold .it a direct and cause of numerous debiliting diseases.And it's responsible  for a major crisis in  society today ___domestic violence ,drunk -driving road accidents ,intoxication -induced injuries suicide,etc 

Across the globel ,millions have died ,and just as many have suffered ,from its use and abuse.According to the WHO,alcohol is estimented  to couse about 20-30% worldwide of oesophogeal cancer .liver cancer ,cirrhosis of the liver ,homicide ,epilepsy and motor vehicle accident 

Unintentional injuries caused by alcohol consumption accout for about one -third of the 2.3 million death .while neuro -psychatric conditions accuant for close to 40% of the 69.4 million DALYs

That 's a staggering toll from a drink often equited by youths with happy hours.
  And there's a darker side to this demon  drink :It's now desribed by medical experts as a drug ,more deadly than cocaine and heroin,

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